About Counselling and Psychotherapy

Both counselling and psychotherapy are processes which can be useful to people facing all kinds of issues, regardless of the level of distress involved. They are both ways of addressing problems by talking them through with someone who is able to be supportive, but who is not directly involved in the situation.

Psychotherapy or Counselling?

Counselling typically focusses on addressing a specific problem or issue during a limited number of sessions, whereas Psychotherapy is generally a more in-depth and open-ended approach where the person is looked at more as a whole and the process is allowed to run its natural course over months or years rather than restricting it to a time limit at the outset.

Both Counselling and Psychotherapy will:

  • Give you an opportunity to talk in confidence about whatever is troubling you
  • Enable you to express your feelings
  • Help you to explore and understand your difficulties
  • Help you to try and find ways of managing these more effectively

    Although it may sometimes be appropriate to offer advice or guidance, the emphasis is very much on enabling you to achieve change rather than telling you what to do.

    Please see my "How I Work" page for more details on my approach.


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